pinback - summer in abaddon

Monday, January 23 by ernie

pinback has been working on their sound for many years now. i feel like theyve perfected it with this release. not too say their previous releases are bad. not at all.

pinback has always been inventive with their sound. the way they layer their sounds. sound on sound against sound next to sound. a lot of bands do this as theyre standard mixing techniques. but pinback does it especially well. or i really like the way they do it at least.

i also like how pinback mixes so many different references into their music. sometimes the lyrics dont mean a thing and are written just for the sound. sometimes they reference to mmorpgs. to the orginal 'war of the worlds' radio broadcast. to history events (like wwi and wwii). to current technology issues. lots of other stuff i have no idea about. some songs are named after random towns in france. they just do stuff like that and throw it all together to create music. and its pretty much awesome. when a pinback song pops up in my mp3 player in my car and comes over my speakers, i turn it up and roll down the windows so people are like *colorful expression!*, thats one unique, catchy, cool sounding song. that kid must be unique, catchy, and cool just like the song. its similar to what bp does with fiddy cent and p diddy.

linkzor: pinback - non photo-blue *fixed link on 2/12*


Blogger Brian Pan said...

Agreed- Summer in Abaddon is so unique, catchy, and sound good good. I absolutely love them.

For more indie, also check out the bands Sharks Keep Moving and Minus the Bear.

1/23/2006 9:09 AM

Blogger Brian Pan said...

What did I miss that fiddy cent-p diddy comment before?!

I don't listen to either, thank you very much.

2/03/2006 11:45 AM

Blogger ernie said...


2/04/2006 4:50 AM


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