okkervil river - black sheep boy

Wednesday, February 1 by ernie

after watching a lot of videos on the top music videos of 2005, linked to me by richard wu (w00t), i found this group. i didnt explore every band on that list, but when i watched the video for this group which made the list at #62, their sound sparked an interest in me. and sure enough, i like them.

their sound is unique. but not that unique. the way the singer sings is fairly unique too. but again not that unique. i like it when he screams with emotion. similar to the way bright eyes sings in his crazy songs if you are familiar with bright eyes. i like their lyrics which are uncompromising. they make them dark and disturbing if they want to. or sweet and helpless. the listeners can take it or leave it. theyre just honest about themselves.

if you like this, their older album 'down the river of golden dreams' is good too.

linkzor: okkervil river - a king and a queen


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Blogger Brian Pan said...

Awesome, I love it.

I found this short article: NPR story

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