Friday, March 17 by ernie

lemongrass is roland voss who produces music at the edge of a nature reserve in northern germany and sometimes in southern europe near the ocean. i got that info directly off his website.

the locations he chooses i would presume influences his music quite a bit. it is mostly all instrumental. sorry to you folks that dont like instrumental groups. sometimes all i can listen to is instrumental music. i find words are distracting sometimes. its good study, lounge, space out, cruise on your bike, programming software music. =]

i had a few of his tracks for many years now. but they were random downloads and i never took the time to explore the rest of his stuff. i did that recently and i ended up liking it quite a bit.

i would catagorize this as downbeat drum & bass lounge music. its very well mixed and sounds terrific. especially with a good pair of headphones. lots of good drum beats and a lot of deep bass. also, the music sounds very open and very well spaced out. i have a feeling it was mixed in 5.1 surround and then downmixed to stereo while retaining the 5.1 effect. the effect only works with headphones and not stereo speakers though. unless theyre right next to your ears. ive been learning how to mix in surround in class. its the shizzle. =]

'time tunnel' isnt his latest release. its sort of a compilation album except more. they call it a retrospective. on top of playing tracks off his previous albums, its also got some new tracks and some remixed tracks. so i figured itd be a good album to start with if youd like to sample his stuff.

couple tracks off 'time tunnel'.
lemongrass - bicycles
lemongrass - la plume


Blogger ivan said...

this lemongrass stuff ain't bad. can i get the album off you?

3/23/2006 10:40 AM

Blogger ernie said...

i like to pick and choose from albums so i dont have it all. but heres what i do have.


3/24/2006 9:20 AM

Blogger ivan said...

woohoo! thanks

3/26/2006 12:12 AM


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