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m83 is a duo from france. their name is derived from a galaxy somewhere out there in the universe. i dont know why they chose that particular one. maybe thats where they come from?

they use mainly analog sounding synths, electric guitars, and various effects to build their sound. also, they are a mostly instrumental group. they use vocals as other sound effects to add to their music. they create beautiful soundscapes with their layering and rhythms. currently one of their songs is being featured in the 'night watch' trailer. i remember hearing another one of their songs in another trailer recently too but i forgot which one. their music makes for very good trailer music.

heres a couple tracks to try out. if you happen to like it, theyve got a couple other albums that are pretty similar in sound.
m83 - run into flowers
m83 - gone (this is a slow song. but its one of my favorite build ups. if you listen to it, be patient with it.)

also, if you guys dont want the link to expire so fast, use yourfilelink.com to upload which gives you 30 days after the last download activity. yousendit.com only stays active for 7 days. just a suggestion.


Blogger Brian Pan said...

An astronomer named Charles Messier, while in search of comets, cataloged 110 objects which were not comets. These have been labeled M1 to M110 and are today called Messier objects.

M83 happens to be the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, not to be confused with the Pinwheel Galaxy (M101) which I may or may not have blogged about recently.

As for the music, I have not been a huge fan of synth/electronic but due to the good influences of some musicmongers I'm starting to like it more. Especially now at my new office, I'm looking for good coding music and I think electronic would be very good for background music as well as music to actively listen to.

3/03/2006 11:52 PM


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