nine days

Sunday, March 26 by ernie

nothing terribly ground breaking. but i like them. they are a honest to goodness, small town band that almost made it in the big times. with all the good qualities a good small town band should have. catchy hooks, sentimental lyrics, and stories to tell. theyve got that natural sounding pop feel. theyre also one of those strange dual lead singer bands like goo goo dolls and vertical horizon.

their debut album 'the madding crowd' turned out to be their only major release. im sure most of you have heard 'absolutely (story of a girl)' more than once on the radio a few years ago. overall the release is just okay, but there are gems to find in it.

they had another completed album that was due out late 2002 called 'so happily unsatisfied'. however, it got scrapped due to label politics. i was able to find myself a copy of the album even though it was never officially released. perhaps the album saw a tiny bit distribution before sony was able to recall all the prints. i think it saw a limited release in japan as well. the sound is refined a bit from their first release. im sure sony owns most if not all the rights to the recordings which would explain why nine days never re-recorded or re-released the material on another label. sony has great production and really knows how to make bands shine, but im sure their contracts are very controlling and can make a band feel very claustrophobic. its not something every band can tolerate.

since the sony incident, nine days did release another album that saw very limited distribution called 'flying the corporate jet'. you wont see it on any shelves for us to buy. it was produced independently by the band and released under the bands own label 'madding music'. i guess thats one way to avoid label politics. but you dont get the marketing capability or distribution networks of a monster label like sony. also in the last few years, front man john hampson has taken on a solo career that never seemed to make it too far off the groud.

nine days also still has a working website that advertises the 'so happily unsatisfied' album as 'coming soon'. its like sony keeps it up just to spite them. just to prove that they can freeze you in time because they own you.

couple tracks off 'the madding crowd'
nine days - so far away
nine days - if i am

couple tracks off 'so happily unsatisfied'
nine days - good friend
nine days - still here


Blogger yodaslap said...

i first heard of nine days from jeff, who gave me "if i am" a few years back. i really liked both songs you posted from 'so happily unsatisfied'. any chance i could eventually check out the rest of the album?

3/28/2006 7:11 PM

Blogger ernie said...


3/28/2006 9:54 PM


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