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Monday, April 17 by ernie

bright eyes (aka conor oberst) has been around for awhile. he is the kind of singer/songwriter that attracts a fan base that is completely dedicated. they adore his music, pick it apart, and study it. while i read comments made about his songs, someone is always saying "this is my favorite bright eyes song" or "this song always makes me cry." i think thats pretty amazing to have things like that said about so many of his songs. most of his songs do have something to discover in them. i dont worship the dude, but i do like his music.

if you dont know about bright eyes, his songs are for the most part dark, depressing, and morbid. so be warned. sometimes i think its just something he forces on himself. when someone is under the spotlight, theyre forced to become something. but sometimes it sounds so real and so honest that i think thats just the way he really is and he cant help it. whichever though, its not really for me to judge.

early 2005, he released two full length albums pretty much at the same time. 'im wide awake, its morning' and 'digital ash in a digital urn.' the earlier falls in line with his typical production style of simple songwriting performed with acoustic instruments. the latter is an experimental album littered with digital effects and sounds. it is quite an interesting listen if youre looking for something different.

also, if you like what you hear, you can check out the band 'desaparecidos'. its headed up by mr conor oberst. desaparecidos is pretty much conor taking a hiatus from bright eyes and putting together a band and then pressing the "rock band" button. then zip zoom blipidy blop, conor is a rock star. its actually pretty catchy. the topics vary a tad from bright eyes too as its more socially/politically oriented. i guess that would make it punk then wouldnt it? wahaha.

couple tracks off 'im wide awake, its morning':
bright eyes - first day of my life
bright eyes - land locked blues

couple tracks off 'digital ash in a digital urn':
bright eyes - gold mine gutted
bright eyes - down in a rabbit hole

track off 'read music/speak spanish':
desaparecidos - greater omaha


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