Phantom Planet

Saturday, April 8 by ernie

call it rock. call it pop. but its catchy and fun. 'the guest' is their sophomoric release which i like the best. their first release 'phantom planet is missing' was okay. i dont remember much from it but i remember i liked a few tracks off it. and their latest release is their self titled release 'phantom planet'. it has a heavier sound and a more done up production. i didnt like it as much as 'the guest' but its worth looking into. it seems like they just threw it together without much real inspiration behind it. put a semi popular band with a good producer and a good engineer and youll make some money. right? well theyre supposedly in the studio again working on another release.

anyway, dont have much else to say. its rock/pop. oh yeah, i deleted the lindsay lohan post. i think people were making fun of me for it and that made me sad.

funny thing about the album 'the guest' is that it doesnt even have the song 'the guest' on it. even funnier is i cant find that track on any of their releases. and i really like it. some one tell me where that song came from.

song from no where:
phantom planet - the guest

couple songs off 'the guest'
phantom planet - all over again
phantom planet - lonely day


Blogger ivan said...

teehee. eckoh likes phantom planet

4/11/2006 12:10 AM

Blogger ernie said...

you liked the lindsay post though right? dont lie.

4/11/2006 2:35 AM


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