Monday, May 29 by ernie

thanks to a certain asian ghetto superstar in atlanta, i was able to discover arovane. arovane is some guy from germany name uwe zahn. i dont even know how to say that. oo-weh zan?

anyway, this is more experimental, electronic music that has no lyrics. sounds he experiements with are analogue modular synths, digital synths, treated turntables, and such. its got chill beats and ambient soundscapes. each album hes released has different themes and different focuses. ill put up samples of his last two releases 'liles' (2004) and 'icol diston' (2002).

enjoyzor the music.

off 'lilies':
arovane - cry osaka cry
arovane - instant gods out of the box

off 'icol diston':
arovane - i.o.
arovane - yua: e


Blogger Brian Pan said...

groovy man. I like it. Thanks for the post!

5/31/2006 10:16 PM


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