Monday, May 15 by ernie

domestica. definitely not their first lp. and its not their most recent either. but its their first one that has a top notch production sound. they have some ep's that are really good and their latest lp 'the ugle organ' is decent.

this is intense indie rock. dark, poetic, emotional...etc. not surprising since they are label mates with bright eyes.

front man tim kasher is who writes most of the songs and is mostly responsible for their crazy sound. hes got a terrible voice that fits in well with the terrible lyrics and terrible sounds they create.

i dont know why im posting this. i guess im just posting music i like instead of music i think others will like.

the review of domestica at pitchforkmedia wrote this, "
if youre happily linked with a member of the opposite sex, stay away from this record."

haha. so all you happy people out there can skip this one of youd like (for instance, if you just got engaged or something). =]

couple tracks off 'domestica':
cursive - the casualty
cursive - the lament of pretty baby

couple tracks off 'the ugly organ':
cursive - art is hard
cursive - the recluse


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