the appleseed cast

Monday, June 5 by ernie

here is some more indie rock because i know dan likes it. the appleseed cast. the cover shown is 'two conversations' which is their second to last release. its the one i like the most. their latest release 'peregrine' is decent but they play a little too much with effects and they create some weird vocal and drum effects that while are neat and sound quite interesting, they dont quite fit the songs they wrote.

'two conversations' is a storytelling album that does it poeticly. about relationships, friendships, and lots of ambiguous emotions that go along with them. ive listened to this album and realized how lame and cheesy it could sound if one were to be skeptical about the candidness of the lyrics. but i guess thats why i like the album. i believe in the lyrics and a lot of it does speak to me. so its real to me.

they released a double album 'low level owl I and II' that has a similar production style as 'two conversations'. so those are definitely worth looking into if you like this. also, 'mare vitalis' has its moments too. their early stuff like 'the end of the ring wars' doesnt sound too great. they try to copy the sound of the band sunny day real estate and it doesnt quite fit them. they even tried to copy the way the vocals sound.

theres also a side project of the appleseed cast front man christopher crisci that i like. a little band called 'old canes' that released 'early morning hymns' in 2004. its a mix of folk and bluegrass and is quite fun.

check'em out, yo.

couple off 'two conversations':
the appleseed cast - hello dearest love
the appleseed cast - fight song

couple off 'early morning hymns':
old canes - taxi on vermont
old canes - life is grand


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