telefon tel aviv

Tuesday, July 11 by ernie

a duo that originated in new orleans but relocated to chicago according to wikipedia. theyve got two full lengths out. the cover you see to the left is their first and is without vocals: "fahrenheit fair enough". its laid back electronic music and i like it better than their later release, "map of what is effortless". the later release is styled more toward eletronic jazz and r&b and has vocals. while i still like the music, i dont really like the vocals on the album.

with the first track on "fahrenheit fair enough", it seems telefon tel aviv has so much potential. i really wish the creativity they put into that song carried out through the rest of the album. while the rest isnt bad, it just doesnt measure up to the first track; to me at least. i love the first track. its mad awesome.

try some, its yummeh:
telefon tel aviv - fahrenheit fair enough (put on some headphones, turn it up, and close your eyes. do it!)
telefon tel aviv - john thomas on the inside is nothing but foam

prefuse 73 did a remix of fahrenheit fair enough on telefon tel avivs EP "immediate action #8". good stuff on the EP too.


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