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Monday, August 21 by ernie

most of you or all of you probably have heard of soof-yan by now. hes revived indie folk and is generally loved by critics. he travels a lot. he plays many instruments. he researches many things. hes talked about writing an album for each state though thats hardly a practical idea. im sure he knows that. so far hes done michigan (hes from detroit) and illinois. hes on a tiny label (asthmatic kitty) thats only got a few employees. but theyre very polite and respond to emails. theres some good info on sufjan if you go to their website that is located on the internet.

this album is extras and outtakes from the 'feel the illinoise' album. i love the sound. i love the spacing. i love how it sounds like hes in a little room and youre right there with him. i love the instrumentation. the recording and mixing behind his albums are nothing short of brilliant. nothing.

the michigan and original illinoise album have pretty much the same sound as this one. both are great f'n albums with some great f'n songs on them. i can only upload so many songs. so ill upload songs from 'the avalanche.'

enjoy your sufjan:
sufjan stevens - chicago (adult contemporary easy listening version)
sufjan stevens - no man's land


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