the album leaf

Wednesday, October 18 by ernie

the album leaf is jimmy lavalle. although other musicians are involved, this is jimmy's solo project and he is the heart of it. and even when there is a synth aspect to his music, it still sounds very organic. if i were to paint a picture of what i hear, it would be of oceans and of mountains in a smear of gentle hues and earthy overtones.

one thing im not a fan of is his singing and his lyrics (im sorry jimmy). as "honest and brutal" as they are, they just seem a little generic and amateur. but thats me and its different for everyone. im sure they mean a whole lot to jimmy and thats completely great. so more power to him.

to make his music, he pretty much rents out a studio somewhere in seattle and in that way lets his music evolve. to really have all the resources a studio has at your disposal while creating your music makes a HUGE difference in how an album would come out. these arnt the kind of songs that you can write in your bedroom and then all you need to do is hire musicians to churn out the sheet music. this is thoughtful. this takes time. this is personal. and this method is more capable of creating something intrinsically beautiful and meaningful. this method is really what allures me to sound and music. i like it when its really all about the music. but im aware ill probably have to compromise quite a bit on that in my career that has yet to get started

here is a video that documents some of the creative process behind his latest album 'into the blue again':

and here are a couple tracks to try:
the album leaf - red-eye (you can hear the obvious influence and collaboration of josh eustis from telefon tel aviv who worked with jimmy on this album.)
the album leaf - into the sea (beautiful. hopeful. warm.)

and if you like this stuff then look into his earlier works too. as theyre just as good.


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i didnt know you were a painter.

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