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Monday, October 2 by ernie

i was just about to give up on you guys and here you guys are posting again!


heres something you guys might like. its chill. its got this 80's-ish synth sound. its the junior boys!

one reason (among others) that turns me off to a lot of 80's music is the weak synth sounds. theyre not as complex and layered as latter day synths. i know that is just the nature of it and some people love it. but not me. but here are the junior boys throwing a modern day twist to it all. and they have good sounds. yes they do.

this is their second release that was just recently released to the masses. the first one is quite good too. however, i feel their second release has a little more personality. a little more bite.

dont know what else to say!

try it:
junior boys - the equalizer
junior boys - in the morning


Blogger yodaslap said...

you stole my post!!

weird, i had JUST randomly discovered these guys last night. 'in the morning' is the itunes single of the week (free download), which i never think to check out except i was desperate to find something new so i browsed the itunes store and decided to give it a go. i actually like it a ton, and it currently has a well-deserved 4star rating in my itunes. 'the equalizer' is alright, but a wee bit out of my taste because [perhaps ironically] it sounds too 80's in the wrong way but i wont get into that right now.

and yes, i was going to post about my new find but apparently im too slow on the trigger :(

10/02/2006 6:47 PM

Blogger Brian Pan said...

you were going to give up on us?! how could you?

my ipod was off dying a slow death for most of september. the only reason i didn't resort to hara kiri myself was because i knew the new iPod announcement was coming.

I got a new 8g nano. crisis averted, whew!

10/02/2006 7:53 PM


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