Sennheiser Factory Photo Tour

Monday, March 16 by Brian Pan
“We recently flew to Germany to visit Sennheiser headquarters to hear the company's latest flagship headphones, the £1,000 HD 800s, and you've been able to read our report and see our photos for a couple of days. But we also toured the factory where these headphones are hand-built.

“They're put together at Sennheiser HQ in Hanover, Germany, right next door to the farmhouse where the company was founded -- on 1 June 1945, just 23 days after Germany surrendered to the Allies. And not as Sennheiser either, but as 'Laboratium Wennebostel'.

“Bits of the HD 800s, such as the steel and plastic ear cups, and the cabling, are shipped in from other specialist companies, although some metal microphone enclosures are made on-site. All electronics, however, are assembled in-house, and by hand.”
How £1,000 headphones are made: A Sennheiser factory tour


Blogger ernie said...

oh man. i dream about these at night. and during the day. theyd be wasted on me though. to really take advantage of these youd need a really pro CD player setup. or even audio-dvd and sacd. but you know what? lossless audio formats on the computer now are really good. pair that with a really nice usb dac/amp and thats a pro setup.


3/20/2009 12:33 AM


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