Alicia Keys - Unplugged and unedited

Wednesday, January 18 by Brian Pan

Reader's Digest's December 2005 issue with Alicia Keys on the cover has a short interview. The full taped interview has been made available online at It's two parts and is about an hour long. Alicia talks about growing up an only child of a single parent, Hell's Kitchen in New York, her first piano, her nine Grammy's, and of course song writing. Check it out if you like Alicia Keys:

The podcast XML

(which points to these two MP3s)
Side A
Side B

Also, MTV Unplugged is back with Alicia Keys. The Unplugged album is availible now (although with Sony DRM).


Blogger ernie said...

shes too much a woman for me.

1/23/2006 12:47 AM


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