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Saturday, January 21 by Brian Pan

When I was in Florida, I got a lot of good music from ernie. Including a handful of tracks from the Prefuse 73 album One Word Extinguisher. I finally got around to listening to it and I really like it. I didn't find too much on the internet so I got a bunch of albums from a kind Trencher who yousendit'ed to me. : )

Hopefully I'm not stealing a post from ernie but I thought I'd post while the albums are still available to be downloaded (next 7 days).

The music is a blend of electronic music and hip hop. It's fairly experimental, which is to say, it's at times more of a musically composed set of electronic sounds than a song with a usual melody. A few of the songs are more straight hip hop sounding with raps over electronic backgrounds.

Anyway, here's the file, it's a compressed rar file.

And here's a bit more from the allmusic bio:
Prefuse 73 is the alias of Scott Herren, an experimental hip-hop producer whose material often features MCs buried in the mix to become more a part of the sonic texture than a focal point. Herren began his career working in commercial studios in Atlanta, but later went on to more experimental work.

EDIT: Hmm, some of the rips are pretty poor. Start with Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives. It'll blow ya mind.


Blogger ernie said...

more people need to be commentingzor. prefuse 73 is great! some stuff is bonkers and just plain weird. very experimental. but its fresh and original. used to be at least.

1/22/2006 2:51 AM


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