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Wednesday, May 7 by ernie

this post is long overdue for me. 23 is one of my favorite releases of 2007 and has been frequenting my playlists for about a year now.

blonde redhead essentially is a trio based out of NY consisting of kazu makino and twin brothers simone and amedeo pace. kazu and amedeo are married which is a bit weird to me. especially since they're in the same band. is it because he plays guitar and sings? so hes cooler than simone the drummer?

in the past, blonde redhead has worked with producers from NY indie-punk-rock legend sonic youth and also DC post-hardcore sensations fugazi. their latest album 23, emerged from their underground roots and was produced by premier british producer alan moulder who has worked with familiar names such as u2, NIN, smashing pumpkins, just to name a few.

blonde redhead has steered away from their no wave beginnings to create a more accessible, glossy, and sonically pleasing sound largely due to moulders involvement. i really dont mind this because i cant get into the noisy, experimental no wave sound. their previous two albums "melody of certain damaged lemons" and "misery is a butterfly" are kind of their transition albums where they begin to recreate their sound (and are worth checking out). i feel like with 23 they finally got it.

check it out


Blogger JR said...

i dunno about that - guitars are kinda played out. drummers will always be cool.

how long have you been hoarding this group?? i like!

5/07/2008 6:18 PM

Blogger Brian Pan said...

i digs it.

5/07/2008 11:34 PM

Blogger yodaslap said...

"publisher" doesn't really do it for me (maybe the underlying massive attack-esque beat doesnt seem to fit what the song is trying to be <-- as if i had any clue what that is), but "dr. strangeluv" is good enough to spark my interest in hearing the rest of the album.

5/07/2008 11:36 PM


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