Colbie Caillat

Wednesday, April 11 by Brian Pan

More pop music. Well, not pop in the traditional media sense, but in the MySpace world.

Colbie Caillat doesn't have any songs on the radio and still no word on exactly when her album will be completed yet (should be soon) but the songs on her page each have a few million plays logged. She was also on Carson Daly's show earlier this year. With her pop friendly songs, the growing fan base, and her looks and presence there's little doubt that when her album finally is released, she'll be a "proper" pop star in no time.

She has an easy, rich voice that reminds me very much of Corinne Bailey Rae. Here's a video of a live performance of the song "Droplets":

If you like that video, you'll like the song "Bubbly", which is sure to be a radio single. Play it on Colbie's MySpace page.

Speaking of Corinne Bailey Rae- check out her performance at the Grammy's with John Legend and John Mayer that Olivia played for me.


Blogger ernie said...

overall a little toooo poppy feel good for me. but i really like the performance of droplets that you posted. theyve got good musicianship with their voices.

4/17/2007 1:45 PM

Blogger ernie said...

you mongers still yo-yo?

4/29/2007 1:43 AM


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