Priscilla Ahn

Sunday, May 11 by Dan Lo

She's not famous enough to have a Wikipedia entry yet, nor do I know anything about her beyond that she's a girl, she sings, plays guitar, harmonica, and sometimes the kazoo but this video has caught my attention:

Ok, so I admit that initially it was because of the editing, or lack of editing necessary, as this was all done in one take both by her and by the camera person. However, the more I watched it (which eventually transitioned to just listened) the more I became captivated by the song and less so by the camera work. The song is simple, maybe even too soothing, yet commands my attention from start to finish. Also, anyone who can competently work a loop machine has my utmost respect.

The studio recording of the song is apparently on the Disturbia soundtrack, and from listening to the 30-second iTunes preview clip it doesn't quite have the same dramatic impact as it does in the video. I've also watched a few other videos of her other songs but I generally lose interest rather quickly when it comes to watching videos of live performances so I probably never gave them a fair chance. Maybe later.


Blogger ernie said...

shes a cutie. using a sm57 as a vocal mic.

very pretty music.

5/11/2008 10:59 PM

Blogger Brian Pan said...

My manager just bought his wife one of these: 55SH

Very cool video. Some of the transitions were so smooth (and the music so engaging) I was caught off guard by suddenly being in a close-up.

5/12/2008 9:10 AM


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