Jay-Z Declares the "Death of Auto-Tune"

Monday, June 8 by Brian Pan

Moment of silence, please, but I'm not crying.
Jay declared war on Auto-Tune on the same stage that featured performances from prominent Auto-Tuners like Ron Brownz, DJ Webstar, and former Jay tourmate The-Dream.
After his verse from Jeezy's "Put On" remix, Jay performed "D.O.A." for the first time.


Blogger ernie said...

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6/08/2009 6:47 PM

Blogger ernie said...

yo, seriously now. i can respect this. show me where and i will sign.

that said tho, i dont mind so much if auto tune is used as an effect. tastefully at least. but once its used to cover up talentless label dolls, thats when people need to die. i mean, thats when auto tune needs to die.

6/08/2009 6:50 PM


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