Monday, November 16 by Dan Lo

Lights is Valerie Poxleitner, a Canadian singer-songwriter of the synthpop genre. I found her stuff in the wake of the seemingly sudden popularity of Owl City (who I also like but seems everyone knows about already) after his Wikipedia entry gave her a mention. Lights is maybe a couple clicks more dance-y than Owl City.

While I wouldn't go as far as putting either group in the same category (sound-wise) as bands like Erasure, Depeche Mode, OMD, etc it's nice to see that synthpop as an overall genre hasn't completely died and can even become mildly popular once in a while, heaven forbid.

yodaslap: do you listen to owl city
jeekbot: ya
jeekbot: sounds like something you might like
yodaslap: sounds just like postal service, as was confirmed in the wikipedia entry
jeekbot: postal service meets echoing green
yodaslap: just postal service meets postal service

I bought her EP LIGHTS (released in 2008) off iTunes the other day. The two singles from the EP are February Air and Drive My Soul, both of which I happen to like.

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