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Wednesday, February 22 by ivan

of "Typical Cats" and "I Was Born With Two Tongues" fame, i present to ye: Denizen Kane aka Dennis Kim. "Tree City Legends II," which was released only a few months ago, is his second solo album (my copy of the original Tree City Legends is en route right now and will probably be posted later). the beats are pretty solid and as far as i'm concerned, miles better than any of the mainstream garbage popular today. also, some of his lyrics have what appear to be Christian undertones, the most blatant example of this being the last track. well, i guess that's it. give it a listen. i suck at writing these review things.

Denizen Kane - Tree City Legends II: My Bootleg Life


Blogger Brian Pan said...

First reaction- what the heck is this junx?! Not a fan from a first quick listen, especially track 10.

After listening a little more, I'm wondering if it'll grow on me. You have to get used to the dirty, slurry flow. It's fairly basic production- not too over the top. Some beats and baselines are different and pretty interesting, especially the instruments- piano, flute, etc.

2/25/2006 1:10 AM


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