Music Trade, Vol 3

Monday, May 22 by Brian Pan

Thanks to everyone who made it out and enjoyed some music trading. Sorry to those who could not make it or missed the presentation. I uploaded the outline if you're interested.

Headphones Overview

Another presentation is on the way. Hopefully Dan and I can work out the details and logistics soon. Also, there have been many requests for another repeat of the Hip Hop presentation so I will most likely give an encore at Palatine for those who have not seen it yet sometime in June/July.

For the Headphone Lab, I don't think I did a very good job picking songs that really let you hear the differences between the headphones but at least they were good songs! Here are two of the songs that I used if you want to grab them.

Pinback - Non-photo Blue
Minus The Bear - Monkey!!! Knife!!! Fight!!!

By the way, if you like Minus The Bear, also check out Sharks Keep Moving.


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