Such Great Heights

Tuesday, May 9 by Brian Pan

A sappy song in honor of my recent engagement to the girl of my dreams, aka, Gracebot.

The Postal Service - Such Great Heights

Airy, dreamy, and upbeat. This is the single from their album Give Up which was released in 2004. An interesting headphones song.

Some trivia- The USPS sent the band a cease and desist letter but made happy after the band agreed to some promotion for the USPS and now they sell the band's albums on their web page. Now, if only Apple Computer and Apple Corps would kiss and make up too, then all would be right with the world.

Iron & Wine - Cover

This is an acoustic guitar cover of Such Great Heights that was on the Garden State soundtrack (and on a keliedescopy M&M's candy commercial not too long ago). A very different sounding take on the song- also dreamy but in a altogether different way. I think this slow, sauntering version complements the lyrics very well.


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