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Saturday, April 22 by Brian Pan


End of a scratch session last week. I think it's the album Slade Alive and the sound is the first strum of a guitar (start of a song). Which by the way is a pretty rockin album. They are a British band following in the giant footsteps of the Beatles. There's a little Beatles there but they are much more, what we think of nowadays as, straight Rock (less Pop sounding and experimental stuff).

In the middle where it sounds like wa-wa-wa.....that's because my crappy DM950 crossfader doesn't cut sharply enough and the sound is wavy instead of cut up. It's kind of a cool sound but on a better scratch mixer like Dan's DM1050 it sounds like cuts.


From today. Slade Alive again. You can hear the area around "rock" already starting to burn out- it sounds hissy. That's after just 1 week, but then again, it's probably a 30 year-old vinyl record. You can also hear the record spinning back occasionally because another shortcoming of the crappy DM950 crossfader is that it doesn't always cut fully off.



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