Monday, March 13 by Brian Pan

Since transferring to a new job, I actually have a commute to work now, and, as a result, my music consumption has bumped up a bit more. And since listening to my iPod all day has pretty completely replaced my radio, the need for mongering more music is greater as well. But instead of the usual avenues, I decided to dive into more podcasts for a change of pace. Ideally the podcasts I'd want would feature new music, or perhaps discuss music related things. Let's have a look at what I've found so far...

Summaries updated: 23 March 2006

IndieFeed- One song each podcast plus some details about the song/band. They have a variety of podcasts including Hip Hop, Alternative, and Electronic. The Alternative feed was a bit all over the place and not too well produced. I've liked the hip hop podcast so far.
Web page - iTunes Music Store page

WXRT- Morning DJ Lin Brehmer answers music related viewer mail with music and movie clips as he likes to do. A great bite-sized podcast that's funny and entertaining. 5 minute podcast.
Web page - iTunes Music Store page

Morning Becomes Eclectic-
Nic Harcourt is the host of Morning Becomes Eclectic. A diverse collection of emerging artists are showcased. The range of bands and kinds of music really is eclectic and plain weird at times and other times amazing. Harcourt knows his music and the music industry and the interviews are usually interesting. A 30-40 minute podcast.

Music Exchange- is a 5 minute segment during Morning Becomes Eclectic where Steve Lemac from BBC Radio talks about indie British bands. Probably my favorite podcast so far. It's short and the right mix of talking and music. Harcourt and Lemac chat for a bit before they feature an up-and-coming band each week.
Web page - iTunes Music Store page

NPR- The NPR website has links to a crapload of podcasts from the many NPR radio stations (including KCRW). There are a few general NPR podcasts including "All Songs Considered". It's a 30 minute podcast featuring two or more artists from all genres. It's kind of long and I wish there'd be more interviews or information about the artists but it's good if you just want to listen to new music.
All Songs Considered - iTunes Music Store page

Spin.com- 30 minute podcast of a variety of Alternative rock songs. Not bad but I kind of like more talking about music because I listen to podcasts as a break from my music collection.
Web page - iTunes Music Store page

So there you have it. To listen try a podcast program like Juice or subscribe in iTunes.


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