Saturday, June 10 by Dan Lo

dance? hip hop? electronica? rap? house? yes, coldcut, the highly experimental DJ duo from the UK is all of the above. generally featuring a guest vocalist or rapper, the spectrum of their music is pretty wide, from remixing hip hop tracks to pioneering and incorporating realtime video manipulation software on top of turntables into their performances. cool.

one track you may have heard before but may not be completely aware of coldcut's involvement is the remix of eric b. and rakim track 'paid in full', a hip hop classic of sorts.

unfortunately, due to my relatively narrow taste in music i find most of their material a wee bit in the unlistenable territory. in fact, so far i've only managed to find one song ('man in a garage') that's made it into my iPod's rotation. it's got a simple electronica-esque beat, some guitar, and a very unassuming yet catchy melody. uh anyway, i'm not as good at describing sounds, layers, etc as ernie so you're probably better off listening to it than reading my pathetic descriptions.

anyway when all is said and done, coldcut's creativity and innovation have my utmost respect. i'm constantly revisiting their stuff in hopes that my horizons might broaden a bit.

a few tracks:
man in a garage
true skool
paid in full (mini-madness, coldcut remix)

and a couple of videos, showcasing their multimedia performance:
cancan mashup
some random jungle book routine


Blogger ernie said...

definitely some good beats. and those videos were uh...creative and unique. hehe. =]

6/15/2006 2:32 AM

Blogger GameGod said...

Yeah, that can-can mashup is "interesting"... :)

I find Coldcut's stuff like that too - I can't enjoy all of it because the genres are too wide... it just catches you off-guard and you end up wanting them to make more music of a particular genre...

6/21/2006 10:01 AM


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