30 Seconds to Mars

Friday, December 29 by Dan Lo

I was at sackielife's house the other day when i stumbled across a rare artifact: an actual album in Compact Disc format. It belonged to his sister, and after poking at it for a while, my curiosity finally got the better of me. I figured, if someone, anyone, finds a CD worth paying for in this day and age, it's gotta be pretty alright. I ripped the CD after hearing part of one song and I've been liking it more and more ever since.

30 Seconds to Mars features actor Jared Leto as the lead singer. I did not know this initially, but for some reason I liked them even more after I learned that little tidbit. He's not my favourite actor or anything; I've only seen 4 movies with him in it and only specifically remember him being in one of them. I might have to go back and rewatch a couple of them now, but enough about that... this isn't Moviemongers.

I think part of the appeal is that I finally ended up listening to a celebrity band (even if unknowingly so), as I have always generally and admittedly unfairly associated them as being glorified high school bands with a big name attached to it and therefore have never given any of them a chance thus far. 30 Seconds to Mars has definitely shattered that stereotype for me, altho I'm probably not going to go hunt down Russell Crowe mp3s anytime soon. One step at a time.

A cool bit of trivia is that they're the first "American rock band" to have a music video shot in China in its entirety. It gets a bit weird at some parts but the impact of the scenery is undeniable. The intro makes the most sense to viewers who understand mandarin.

As of now I have only listened thru their latest album, A Beautiful Lie. I skimmed thru a few samples from their first and self-titled album but nothing really caught my eye ears.

And last but not least, the links

A Beautiful Lie
The Kill
From Yesterday | video


Blogger Brian Pan said...

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12/31/2006 3:46 AM

Blogger JR said...

yeah i was gonna say. i refuse to give this band the time of day bc of his rumored relationship with one lindsay lohan. thank heavens eckoh removed his lilo post.

on the other hand, he was in fight club. too bad it's not moviemongers.

12/31/2006 12:26 PM

Blogger Brian Pan said...

(oops, didn't want to copy paste all that cussin')

What am I about to watch, yoda? From the comments:

jared leto is sssooo HOTT!!

12/31/2006 6:57 PM


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