Anything Box

Sunday, December 3 by Dan Lo

One of my favorite bands, Anything Box is best known for their 1990 dance single Living in Oblivion and has since developed their own brand of "Elektrodelic" sound. Synthpop with deviant tendencies, if you will. I like them in part that they're not afraid to push the envelope of the genre while refraining from turning too weird (in a bad way).

In 2003 they released a free compilation album online in mp3 format only, complete with downloadable CD sleeve insert. The album has since been somewhat dismantled, altho some of the tracks are still available for download on their website. These remaining tracks are a decent representation of their more recent material. [Warning: 128kbps]

Binaural Repeats: 1993-2002 (or at least what's left of it)

... and one more song that was originally part of Binaural Repeats but no longer downloadable. Because it's my favourite :)

Blue Little Rose


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128? boo.

grounds for termination.

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