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Wednesday, December 13 by Dan Lo

Rob Dougan is a composer who is perhaps best known for the electronica-esque classic "Clubbed to Death", which appeared in The Matrix soundtrack. He has also contributed two more tracks to The Matrix Reloaded, and has done remix work for big names in dance music like Moby and Kylie Minogue.

Rob Dougan also hates electronic music and thinks remixes are a waste of time. In fact, he's not really a big fan of modern music in general, which shows thru in the extra bit of complexity that sets his "electronic" songs apart from the rest of the genre. That's strange too, because he aims to write "antigenre" music. As far as I'm concerned, he succeeds.

A somewhat amusing quote from Rob D:
"I'm associated with dance music, with electronica, which makes me feel ill. I only learnt all the boring computer crap as a means to an end. Virtually all musicians these days use computers, but if you write a book on a computer, nobody calls it electronic writing; the format you use doesn't necessarily affect the outcome. And rock'n'roll is electronic music par excellence - it's based on using electricity."
The following tracks all have the following in common: it features an electronic beat, as well as a real-life full sized string orchestra. Two of the tracks features his own vocals, which would not sound too out of place in an alternative rock song with comparable lyrics to match. So what sort of music is this, you ask? Give it a listen and decide for yourself :)

Clubbed to Death
Furious Angels
Born Yesterday

edit: I like this one too now

Nothing at All


Blogger JR said...

what a sneaky way to get us to listen to electronica music.

12/14/2006 9:02 AM

Blogger yodaslap said...

i do what i must

12/14/2006 6:25 PM


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