Sunday, October 15 by JR

ok so i was going to wait until i saw Jeff Tweedy in concert at uiuc before posting, but that's still not for another couple of weeks. (Wilco as a whole will be playing in chicago on 11/24. more info at their website.)

some may be familiar w/ this group already as they're a local band. i even saw Tweedy the lead singer/writer at Guitar Center on Halsted with his son who was banging on the drums.

i havent done any research, but i got into them when a friend referred their Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album. Uncle Tupelo was their earlier incarnation. as any good rock band, they've had their share of artistic differences and member shifts. their songs are interesting to listen to though, lyrically and soundwise. tweedy's voice seems awfully flat at times but that's likely purposeful. i was annoyed by chris carraba's whiny voice at first too, but 3 dc concerts later, cant say it bothers me much anymore. not really sure how to describe the certain sounds they employ but i guess i'd call it a white noise. ppl who like instrumental music and maybe elliott smith appreciators may like him.

i'd rec almost any song on either album, but these are just two randomly from each:

pieholden suite

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot:
poor places
Jesus, Etc.


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good post. very informative. thanks!

10/19/2006 3:24 AM


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