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Wednesday, February 7 by JR

i was watching wheel of fortune the other night and this Rembrandt commercial came on. it's pg13, but i found myself turning away and unable to watch it. the song that played caught my ears though, and it's called "waterfall" off of Griffin House's "lost and found" album. it's a nice song. easy, easy like sunday mornin'.

i know what you're thinking- no, this is not pete yorn, but from these youtube videos it seems he's just as stoic live as pete is. too bad. here he and matt kearney cover tom petty's "learning to fly", but it's a little rote and forgettable. i hope it's just inexperience, and that after a few shows, he'll connect with his audience more. side note - he wears a Guster shirt in some of the videos. and he's from ohio so of course he is friends with over the rhine on myspace.

sorry so short, will finish later!


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itunes is not letting me listen

2/17/2007 3:26 PM


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