Saturday, February 25 by Dan Lo

call me a sucker for poppy-sounding electronica, but i love the stuff. my latest musical find originates from the trailer for ultraviolet, in which the song towards the end caught my attention more than the trailer itself. as i write this, i'm still listening thru the album but from what i hear so far, her vocals sound like dido (on steroids, perhaps?) and at least a couple of the songs sound like it spawned from the same train of thought as evanescence, but not quite. anyway, just gonna post the song from the trailer for now. if anyone's interested, i have the rest of the album on my itunes :)

also, big thanks to ekoh for selling me his echo (no affiliation to ekoh, i dont think?) pcmcia sound card at a killer price. now my songs sound better than ever, and my future audio equipment purchases will cost me that much more from being another step closer towards becoming an audiophile. arg.

anyway, without further ado, 24

... and so i don't lose the link: flying high


Blogger ernie said...

is that an arg of joy i hear?

2/27/2006 12:03 PM


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