Mute Math

Monday, February 27 by Brian Pan

Welcome to the world of electro-alt rock. This one's hard to describe. It could almost be straight 80's pop-rock except for the strange layering of synths. It sounds a bit like trippy Petra or Police.

Apparently formed from parts of the Christian alt-rock band Earthsuit (no idea who they are) from New Orleans.

Check out their website- it has an in-page music player and videos. The last video- a live performance of "Reset"- is pretty crazy. Half way through, they start playing with the different instruments- first looping and cutting up the drums, then playing with the keyboard and guitar sounds. Dan says it should be required Musicmonger viewing. I agree!

Mute Math web page
Mirror of the video


Blogger ernie said...

after a more indepth listen to the rest of the bands material, id have to say im not a huge fan. theyve got some unique things going for them and theyve got a good sound going. but overall they didnt have too much more to offer for me.

i did fall in love with the instrumental track 'reset' though. for me, its by far the best track on their debut release. a creative drummer with rippin grooves really turns me on. especially mixed in with experimental sounds and effects.

3/01/2006 1:28 PM


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