Aqualung concert

Monday, March 6 by Brian Pan

I saw Aqualung at the Metro this weekend. Not exactly my kind of music but Gracebot and her friends were going and I was already going to be in Chicago on the tail end of a bachelor party, so why not.

The Metro, by the way, is pretty cool. It's a true Chicago venue on the north side near Wrigley Field and is notable for being the place where the Smashing Pumpkins started out and many others have passed through. It's mostly standing room (as any good venue should be) with some tables/chairs. If you don't get there too late you can find a spot to lean up against a railing and get a great view in the balcony.

Aqualung is primarily Matt Hales, a British singer-songwriter. On Saturday, he put on a good show with his wit, banter with the audience, and impromtu made-up songs which kept us entertained. The Metro's 500+ people was their largest concert in the US so far. His songs are pretty mellow and sometimes emotional.

Here's cheery emotional: Brighter Than Sunshine
and here's melancholy emotional: Tongue-Tied.


Blogger ernie said...

yeah, this guy was basically a basement songwriter/singer that released a self titled debut in 2002 that got attention in the 'underground' indie scene. then in 2004 he was featured in the wicker park soundtrack which played like an up and coming indie sampler.

his popularity grew and so another label bought him up and re-released his work. that work became his better known 'strange and beautiful' LP which is basically a 'best of' compilation of his previous albums. and how hes joined the ranks of indie artists that have made it into the featured section of the itunes store.

nothing but the games played in the music industry. yay for the music industry.

3/07/2006 12:53 AM

Blogger Gabe said...

what the shang is a gracebot!

3/22/2006 5:47 PM


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