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Sunday, October 8 by Dan Lo

With the possible upcoming demise of one of my music download sources, I've been semi-frantically downloading stuff (with some semblance of selectiveness) in an effort to use up my remaining balance before the site up and disappears one day.

... which brought me to these guys, a synthpop band from Norway.

Now before you navigate away, don't worry. I'm not posting synthpop. This particular album is a departure from their usual sound, which im not super familiar with since I've never heard of these guys before a couple hours ago (but I listened thru some of the old stuff.. nothing particularly exciting). The tracks from 'You and Me Against the World' (not to be confused with 2pac's 'Me Against the World') are somewhat scattered all over the map in terms of genre/style but some of the songs I like reminds me of what BP defines as "glam rock" but with a slight touch of synth-y-ness.

From what I've listened thru so far, my favourite:
In This Together

Here's a more electronic-sounding one (sorry). I also like this one.
You Keep Me From Falling Apart


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