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Saturday, September 30 by Brian Pan

Here's some more cover music. This is an example of a artist taking a song and transforming it into something different that is their own. "Reinterpreted" as Nic Harcourt puts it. From KCRW's Music Exchange, Skye performs a very cool live cover of Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. Available in iTunes or on KCRW's web site. If you want to skip right to the song it's about 4 minutes into the podcast.

Skye, aka Skye Edwards, is the frontwoman for the trip hop/electronic band Mocheeba. Morcheeba is a band from London formed in the mid-90s. They have a cool, laid-back sound that I think readers of this humble blog will like. I like Tricky but he can be so laid-back that he sends me to sleepytime. And I never really ventured into trip hop beyond Tricky and Massive Attack. Skye has a light, sweet voice that keeps you engaged just enough.

In 2003, Skye left the band and she has just released a solo album last month. It's called "Mind How You Go" and has the same chill sound. Here's a track from it:

Skye - Love Show

Check out more from Skye on her website, including a couple of tracks in the media section. Morcheeba also has a website and you can watch some of their music videos on youtube as well. Here's the song Otherwise from the album Charango.


Blogger yodaslap said...

definitely a rare moment when the stars line up funny and a small fragment of jeekbot's musical taste somewhat overlaps with mine. added to itunes, will look more into her music tomorrow. sending myself to sleepytime now.

10/02/2006 12:49 AM


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