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Thursday, March 22 by JR

Toy Soldiers
recently written by mike yee and sarah lee, and dedicated to her step brother and another friend who are in Iraq. lyrics.

Turning of September
also original. mike's intro: "...most theologians would concur that Jesus was born sometimes between September and November..."

sarah once said that she didnt know guitars could talk until she met mike. the tone of his guitar is amazing live, and so is her expression. i'm not sure, but i think mike's playing a Martin OM-28V w/ an extra bridge pickup.

there's a better recording sound quality wise of 'turning of september' here. it's steve lu on vocals.

they're actually competing in an upcoming talent show and experimenting with curtis on percussion, so i will post that once i get a chance.

EDIT: i switched the toy soldiers to a better live performance.


Blogger Brian Pan said...

Sounds awesome. Thanks for posting this!

I listened to the myspace version first so I was a little disappointed by the live versions. The myspace version blew me away, though. "Better recording sound quality" is an understatement! The guitar is pretty incredible. I swear it sounds like two guitars.

3/23/2007 11:42 AM

Blogger JR said...

yeah, the mike and sarah recordings were pretty rough. in toy soldiers, he was fooling around in the guitar solo and 'messed up' the improv. you can even hear him laughing at one point.

the first time i heard that guitar, it blew me away too.

3/23/2007 4:55 PM


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