Rob Zombie and the MPAA

Monday, July 24 by Brian Pan

Here's an interesting interview with Rob Zombie I ran across today.

Rob Zombie has produced two horror movies, House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects, and he's working on a third, a remake of Halloween. He was interviewed by Claude Brodesser on the KCRW podcast "The Business." They talk about making movies, especially the process of getting a rating from the MPAA. It's an interesting peek into a part of the movie making process.

The rest of the podcast is an amusing interview with Rock Galotti, a weapons specialist and consultant to movie makers. The Business is a weekly half-hour podcast about the movie and entertainment industry.

Have a listen to the interview on the KCRW site.

For a music-focused podcast, check out "On The Beat" weekly with Celia Hirschman. The June 28 podcast was a tribute to Arif Mardin, the legendary producer who passed away last month. Or see my previous post on podcasts.


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