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Saturday, August 19 by Brian Pan

Pearl Jam's self-titled album released earlier this year marks something of a return to the spotlight for the band. After their 1998 album Yield, the band released Binaural and 72 "bootleg" live albums recorded during their Binaural tour. In 2000, their tour ended tragically with the death of nine fans crushed by the crowd rushing to the front and the band seriously considered retiring. The 2002 release Riot Act was not a commercial success.

The recent June 29 issue of Rolling Stone features a cover story The Second Coming of Pearl Jam. There's also a nice section reviewing the "best of" the Pearl Jam bootlegs.

This post is a little late in coming. I suppose it's because I wasn't sure how much I'd like the new album. But it's turned out to be every bit as awesome as Pearl Jam was in the 90's and it's definitely renewed my interest in the band and all the great songs they have created over the years.

Here's the music:

Alive (Seattle, November 6th, 2000) - Back on a US tour after the tragic end to their European tour, Pearl Jam refused to play this song until the tour's final night in their hometown.

Nothingman - From Vitology (1994)

Life Wasted - From Pearl Jam (2006). One of the few music videos the band has made over the years (since 1993, only this and Do The Evolution).


Blogger ernie said...

the binaural album is cool. i got to work with a binaural head at full sail. its mad cool. you can only hear the effect with headphones on as the stereo pair (two microphones) mimic your ears.

8/21/2006 9:15 PM

Blogger yodaslap said...

i like avocados

9/03/2006 12:55 PM


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